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    Duration: 5 days
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Salesforce Lightning Training Course

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Salesforce Lightning is a sophisticated Salesforce feature. It is a component-based app development framework used to enhance the virtual interface of Salesforce apps in mobiles, smartphones, laptops, and desktops from anywhere in the world. Participants will learn how to create custom applications that run in Lightning experiences in Salesforce Lightning. This course will cover both fundamental and advanced concepts. During this training, participants will also learn how to customise the record page and home page of Salesforce Lightning. This training will be delivered by our industry-experienced instructor, who is friendly and well-versed in Salesforce Lightning.


  • Using Search
  • Personal Settings
  • Help Portal
  • AppExchange
  • Salesforce Trailblazer Community
  • Tabs
  • Main Screen
  • Searching for leads
  • Pulling lists of leads
  • Creating new leads
  • Updating existing leads
  • Merging duplicate leads
  • Logging tasks & calls against leads
  • Converting and Reassigning leads
  • Understanding the relationships between contacts & accounts
  • Searching for contacts & accounts
  • Pulling lists of contacts & accounts
  • Creating new contacts & accounts
  • Updating existing contacts & accounts
  • Merging duplicate contacts & accounts
  • Logging tasks & calls against contacts & accounts
  • Reassigning contacts & accounts
  • Understanding what opportunities are, and how they are different from leads, contacts and accounts
  • Searching for opportunities
  • Pulling lists of opportunities by stage, amount, close date, owner
  • Creating new opportunities
  • Adding products to opportunities
  • Working with Opportunity Teams
  • Updating existing opportunities
  • Logging tasks and calls against opportunities
  • Reassigning opportunities
  • What are campaigns?
  • Searching for campaigns
  • Pulling lists of campaigns
  • Creating new campaigns
  • Updating existing campaigns
  • Adding campaign members
  • Tracking campaign member status
  • Logging tasks and calls against campaigns
  • Linking campaigns to opportunities to track ROI
  • Reassigning campaigns
  • What are cases?
  • Searching for cases
  • Pulling lists of cases
  • Creating new cases
  • Updating existing cases
  • Logging tasks and calls against cases
  • Reassigning cases
  • What is Chatter?
  • How is Chatter different from email?
  • Chatter visibility (Who sees it?)
  • Chatting on records
  • Chatter groups and notifications
  • Adjusting your Chatter notification preferences
  • Chatter on reports & dashboards
  • What is the difference between a report & dashboard?
  • What is the difference between a list view and a report?
  • Who sees what data?
  • Who can access my reports?
  • How to find & use existing reports & dashboards?
  • How to modify existing reports & dashboards?
  • Understanding report types
  • How to create new reports & dashboards?
  • How to export to Excel?

Benefits of a Salesforce Lightning Training Certification

  • Gain a highly recognised, on-demand accreditation of excellence
  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded market
  • Execute tasks with confidence and skills
  • Attain higher wages and billable rates with a highly valued credential

Dates And Prices

Start Date TimingDaysDuration Mode Of TrainingRequest Price/Future Dates
10:00 – 18:00Tuesday-Wednesday 2 DaysClassroom Based / Live Virtual Online
10:00 – 18:00Wednesday-Thursday 2 DaysClassroom Based / Live Virtual Online
10:00 – 18:00Thursday-Friday 2 DaysClassroom Based / Live Virtual Online
10:00 – 18:00Wednesday-Thursday 2 DaysClassroom Based / Live Virtual Online
10:00 – 18:00Tuesday-Wednesday 2 DaysClassroom Based / Live Virtual Online


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